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The Tiny Diner and Farm is a small place with big ideas. We believe it’s the little things that count, so we’re creating menus with as many local foods as we can, including the stuff we grow ourselves.

Every month we pay tribute to diner towns across the USA, exploring different ways to use our Midwestern bounty.We’re producing energy with our patio roof/solar array, increasing urban soil fertility, and creating a natural habitat for pollinators and urban wildlife in what’s basically our own backyard.

We’re partnering with the Permaculture Institute-Cold Climate (www.pricoldclimate.org) to present skill shares and permaculture design classes, and working a plot on one of Minnesota’s earliest organic farms, Garden Farme in Anoka County.  The Tiny Diner showcases biointensive urban farming methods and efficient water use strategies through its edible gardens and rain water catchments systems. In partnership with the Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate and Master Water Stewards of the Freshwater Society and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, visitors can see and read about small-scale installations like an edible perennial garden and rain water catchment techniques.

From its hardscape to its landscape, this Diner was designed to provide a renovated example of whole system design: low impact, educational, and tangibly tasty.

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1024 East 38th St. • Minneapolis, MN

Open daily 7 a.m.– 9 p.m. • 612.767.3322
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve + Christmas

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Come join our wonderful and friendly staff at the Tiny Diner and warm up this winter. We have plenty of main dishes, appetizers, beverages and desserts to feed your body and heart so that you radiate heat all day long. Here are a couple of highlights on the menu this month: Spiced Maple Cream and Lavender Lattes Mulled Wine Seasonal…

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