Harvested Flashy Trout Back Lettuce in a cooling bath before delivery.
Fresh snow peas on a trellis.

Are you wondering what we are harvesting at our rural farm right now? What is in season?

In May, we were harvesting delicious tender greens like arugula, lettuce mixes, baby amaranth leaf mixes, and edible Johnny jump-up flowers. This June, Rural Farm Manager Tony Root has begun to harvest twice a week for our restaurants (Tiny Diner, Red Stag, Barbette, The Bird). Harvest includes radishes, baby carrots and beets, a new round of salad mixes, dill, garlic scapes, mustard greens and flowers, yellow snow peas, and tiny sweet peppers (so early)!

Given the increase in harvest times and produce this month, Tony will have a harvest assistant joining him. We are excited to welcome Patrick to our seasonal team for the next couple of months. Make sure to support small, healthy farms and farmers like Tony. Buy local, seasonal produce. Here is a list of seasonal June crops this month:


Seasonal June Crops: amaranth and lambs’ quarters leaves, arugula, asparagus (early June), dill, garlic scapes, green onion, honeyberries,lettuce, mulberries, snow peas radishes, raspberries (early kind), spinach, serviceberries, rhubarb

Filled harvest crates waiting for delivery to restaurants.


Vote and voice with your dollar.

Buy in season crops from your farmers and farmers’ markets this year.

Let your local restaurants know you are willing to pay more for local produce on their menus.