We have a lot of talented and multifaceted folks here that help the Tiny Diner operate all of its endeavors. From the kitchen to the dining patio, from the garden to the Farmer’s Market, we have a lot of coordination that takes place in a very small space. In each of our newsletters this season we aim to highlight at least one of these people if not more, so we can give thanks as well as highlight the kinds of human energy it takes to keep healthy places going.

Andrea Eger in her past life processing eggplant for seed.

For this month’s issue we have chosen Andrea Eger. Last year, Andrea Eger started out as the Tiny Diner Education Coordinator and Garden Assistant. This spring, she is taking on another role to manage our Tiny Diner Farmer’s Market. With her new title, “Education and Farmers’ Market Coordinator”, means that she is now responsible for planning and implementing all of our workshops, class series, events and Farmers’ Markets at the Tiny Diner. She has the wherewithal to do so too with plenty of experience with farming, international farm coops, beekeeping, teaching classes, assistance with farmers markets in the Twin Cities and beyond.

As we speak she is finalizing the Tiny Diner workshop calendar, preparing for upcoming April events, and organizing vendors for the Farmers’ Markets. The work is never really done with this position so if you see her, give her a joyful wave and let her know you appreciate all the behind-the-scenes tasks it takes to offer event space as well as high-quality workshops. If you would like to find out more about what Andrea does (here is her TD profile) or if you would like to teach a class or workshop, contact her at andrea.e@tinydiner.com.