Our fall schedule is loaded with healthy ways to manage water, use flowers and herbs, take care of our pollinators as well as an introduction to permaculture. PLUS, our last full month of our Tiny Farmers’ Market on Thursdays from 5pm-8pm. Don’t forget we still have a week in August as well of fun classes like growing your own mushrooms, weed identification and herbal infusions!

“Flower Essences for Gut & Brain Health”

Thursday September 7th


This class offers both an introduction to flower essences for beginners and for those already using flower essences. Flower essences are simple, safe, medicines based on plant energetics, similar to homeopathy. Flower essences are mostly known for treating emotional states, but with deeper knowledge they can also be used to treat the body.

We can use flower essences together with knowledge and suggestions from Chinese Medicine to improve and balance gut health and mental energy. Suggested donation $10. Contact andrea.e@tinydiner.com with questions or to RSVP.

Instructor: Loyola Colebeck is an accredited clinical Flower Essence Therapist and Trauma Constellations Facilitator. She practices integrative therapy and provides an in-depth training course in Flower Essence Therapy at Adagio Holistic in Minneapolis and speaks at conferences and schools in the U.S. and abroad. She loves teaching and is passionate about helping others to their best, happiest, healthiest state of being. See: www.mindisbodytherapies.com


Clean Water Starts Here! 

Monday September 11th


Learn how you can positively impact the health of our waterways through your yard and neighborhood. Homeowners and renters alike can take action to keep our water clean with easy steps. We will discuss our biggest water pollutants and talk about fun and effective strategies to reduce those pollutants. Class is free!


Deirdre Coleman has a degree in Biology, Society, and the Environment from the University of MN and runs the Master Water Steward program with the Freshwater Society. She is also a resident of Minneapolis and an avid paddler.


Pollinator Hotel How-To

Wednesday September 13th


Learn about the many types of bees and other pollinators that help us grow our fruits, vegetables, herbs and more! We will discuss and demonstrate how you can support pollinator habitat with our pollinator condo and by getting started making your own to take home! This is a free class!


This class will be taught by Cody Mastel, Tiny Diner’s Lead Gardener, and Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen, Tiny Diner’s Farm, Garden, and Market Advisor.


Minnesotan Grown Color: Introduction to Natural Dye
Saturday September 16th


Join us as we explore the art of growing, harvesting, and dyeing with plants grown here in Minnesota. You’ll learn how to process plants and flowers from the forest, prairies, and your own gardens to create beautiful hues. By the end of class you’ll have learned the basic techniques of making dye from a couple of plants available in Minnesota this fall. Participants will need to bring two to three different 100% natural fibers to dye (linen, silk, wool, cotton), that weigh no more than 8 oz all together. Fibers can be purchased at a fabric or craft store. Suggested fee: $10.00. Space is limited! Please RSVP to andrea.e@tinydiner.com


Combining her training as a papermaker and book artist, and sustainable gardener and designer, Libby London uses and grows plants for natural dye and fiber. She grows and harvests dye plants in sustainable and ethical ways. Researching and experimenting with drought tolerant and resilient native plants for fiber and dye is important to her in the face of climate change. For more information check out her website northerndyer.com or Facebook @northerndyer.


What the #$%& is Permaculture Anyway?! 

Wednesday September 20th


Join us for this introductory class that will go over permaculture basics! If you are someone who has been hearing the term permaculture being tossed around but have no idea what it means, this class is for you! We’ll talk about it’s history, values, practitioners, and give examples of how you can incorporate permaculture into your own life. Even if you’re not a gardener, this is a framework that goes beyond gardening/farming but can be used in countless aspects of your life!


Andrea Eger is Tiny Diner’s Permaculture Education Coordinator and  has been a community organizer and organic farmer for the past 5 years on farms all over the world. She first learned about permaculture in 2008 while working at a women’s collective farm in Guatemala and was instantly hooked.

Cody Mastel is Tiny Diner’s Lead Gardener. Cody is the owner of Land by Hand, an ecological design/build organization, where he collaborates with small businesses, homeowners, farmers, neighbors, educators, and change makers in the Twin Cities region to co-create a more beautiful world. Learn more about Cody and his work at landbyhand.org