Tiny Diner @ Garden Farme No-till Vegetable, Herb and Flower Production Beds. Tony Root has been prepping, manually (rake, shovel and hoe), all of the upper garden space. This has ensured a healthy and long-living soil ecosystem for years at Garden Farme. Photo courtesy of Tony Root.

A month ago, before the April Blizzard of 2018, our rural Farm Manager Tony root had begun to work the soil. He was waiting patiently, as any great farmer knows to do, until the earth opened up to allow hands and seeds in. Our rented farm production plot at Bruce Bacon’s Garden Farme (TD@GF) in the City of Ramsey is in its 5th season of production. We aim to increase production on this no-till system while building soil/pollinator health. For this growing season, we are growing more crops like eggplant, specialty mixed greens, tomatillos, tons of herbs, snap peas and many other fresh treats for the Tiny Diner and other restaurants. We hope to use all of our locally-grown, organic, no-till produce, as well as buy more produce from other farmers, by strengthening the connection between farmers and chefs.

For the past two weeks, Farmer Tony has manually prepped 50+ garden beds by shaping, leveling, seeding and mulching each bed. He has carefully planned 60+ crop season to grow for all of Bartmann restaurants, including our Tiny Diner. Although the air temperatures are in the 80s, the soil temperature is cool and prime to plant crops like snap peas, kale, arugula, fingerling potatoes, cabbage, etc. The warm-loving plants like peppers and tomatoes, will have to wait until the end of the month. Tony will one making his first deliveries of greens, radishes and baby beets in a couple of weeks!

Every month, every week, brings new blossoms, harvests and challenges to farmers. We are going to be peeking in on Tony as often as we can to share the artful intricacies of growing food with utmost respect to soil and ecological health. We hope you enjoy our seasonal postings! Please write to koby@tinydiner.com if you have any specific wonders about how Tony Root is growing produce for us this season.

Written by Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen, Tiny Diner Farm, Garden and Market Advisor


Mustard greens coming up. Photo courtesy of Tony Root.
Garlic made it through the winter with heavy mulch and great snow cover. Here it is reaching for the sun! Photo courtesy of Tony Root.
Edible flower Johnny Jump-ups volunteer in our rural plot every year. We will begin to sell these to our restaurants very soon. Photo courtesy of Tony Root.
Side view of prepped beds in the upper Garden. Photo courtesy of Tony Root.