Tria Frey

There is only one person who has been a working staff member at the Tiny Diner almost as long as me and that person is the amazing Tria (short for Trianna). Tria has been a server as well as a solid pillar through all of the Tiny Diner’s growing pains and gains. You will recognize her friendly face if you come to the TD during the week for breakfast or lunch. Despite having a full schedule as a friend, gardener, mom, and server, she took some precious time to share with us a glimpse into what makes her tick.

We are so grateful for Tria, who brings true people power to the restaurant and to any community she is in. Thank you for your 5+ years of wonderful and friendly service! 

Written by Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen, Tiny Diner Farm, Garden, and Market Director

Here is a note from Trianna Frey, in her own words: 


Hi, everybody!

I’ve been a server at Tiny Diner for about 4 years now. I started just a couple of weeks after the restaurant opened. I suppose at this point (about 20 years in) I’d have to call myself a career server. As such, I was attracted to Tiny in part because of the possibility of daytime hours after so long working nights and weekends. What really intrigued me, though, was the permaculture and the farm-to-table concept. I’ve been an avid gardener for many years. I also took a permaculture and urban farming certification course a few years ago, so it seemed like a perfect fit. The universe confirmed that for me. When I showed up one afternoon in early July to apply, the first person I saw was Paula Westmoreland (designer of the landscape surrounding Tiny), who was my mentor when I studied for my certificate. Neat.

Well, I got my daytime hours, hooray! I’ve found that I really love working in a neighborhood diner. My guests are fantastic! I’ve also found some really good friends among my coworkers, and getting to know our farmers has really enriched my knowledge and interest in growing food.

An aerial view of one of Tria’s straw bale gardens.

My life outside of work is pretty simple. I have 2 lovely daughters (12 and 15). I read. I garden. I’m in the second year of experimenting with straw bale gardening. So far I really like it. I see a LOT of live music! That girl dancing like nobody is watching, moving with the vibration of the sound all around town? Yep, that’s me.
I have had dreams of doing something more with my gift for growing. Exactly what, I’m not sure. Right now I’m raising 2 teenagers, working full time, and trying to have some fun with the money I make. I definitely choose not to stress myself out by trying to do too much. Stress is a killer, and I won’t do it to myself. I’m happy with what I have at the moment.
Did I mention I also live just 8 blocks from Tiny? It’s the perfect job for me. 😊

Thanks to Koby for highlighting me. She’s so lovely. She’s also the only person who has been at Tiny longer than me. Haha! A happy day to all, and I hope to serve you coffee and great food someday soon!

Tria and her family