For the last 4 years, we have housed honeybees on our rooftop. The 2 hives are owned and maintained by the honey bonbon company, Mademoiselle Miel. Although it was a very early spring start for most pollinators, our honeybees had a late start getting onto our rooftop this season. We were building a new deck to protect our roof from traffic on it so our bees were not moved until May.
Given the late start, our honeybees are doing wonderfully! After May and June inspections, we were informed that our honeybees are bursting so two new hive boxes had to be added to each hive. That is why each hive is so tall! While they are growing in numbers and storing honey, our bees are also very healthy – free of mites (read more about mite problems in honeybees here). Mites as well as poisoning from neonictinoids are one of the many factors (including loss of habitat and food) that are contributing to the plummeting numbers in our pollinator communities.
At the Tiny Diner, we promote chemical-free garden and lawn care, season-round blooming plants, and pollinator-friendly information so that all of us can partake in building the health of our honeybees and beyond. Our healthy hives this year can be attributed to not only Tiny Diner practices, but also great beekeeping as well as the growing, bee-friendly neighborhoods around us where all our bees roam. It takes a community to raise healthy bees!
TD Rooftop Honeybee Hives. Maintained by Mademoiselle Miel. June 2017.