Snow days have finally come. While many of us will complain about how cold and laborious our climate is during the winter season, let us understand and be grateful for the snow instead. Snow in the north country is a sign of ecological health. It offers us and our fellow earth friends many benefits.

Snow’s ecological offerings:

  • A “Blanket of snow” is literally a blanket in its effects. It slows the freezing of our gardens if it is freshly fallen and loose. This type of snow is 90-95% air that reduces heat transfer from the warm ground to the cold air
  • Good snow cover is an excellent soil insulator. It protects roots systems of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and ground covers, strawberries, and ground inhabitants from alternating  and damaging freezing and thawing cycles
  • Preserves soil moisture over the winter
  • Melting snow replenishes the water supply
  • Aesthetically, good snow cover accentuates trees, shrubs and grasses and makes them stand out, look even more brilliant during drab winter months

Whatever is good for the earth is usually good for us as well. Snow gives us many community and body benefits:

  • Snow makes us work out having to walk more carefully and aerobically than usual
  • Snow days allow us to sleep in and recharge fully
  • Snow makes us slow down and be healthy with each other – more time for cooking, safer speeds for driving, and share free outdoor activities with neighbors
  • Cold temperatures help boost blood norepinephrine levels that reduce pain. And we can ice injuries with snow too!

Snow is a blessing to us in the north country where it protect our bodies, our communal energy, our plants and soils, and our water supply. Instead of cursing winter, lets enjoy all it has to offer. Its the little things, like snowflakes, that can make the difference in our northern wonderland.