Every season is different at the Tiny Diner. And we are not just talking about our gardens, menu and weather. This season we have a new fabulous farm, garden and market staff to increase local food access and our skillets and awareness for sound land stewardship.

Our farm, garden and market staff consists of five powerhouse people. Andrea Eger, with an organic farming and social justice organizing background, is our Permaculture Education Coordinator as well as the Farmer’s Market and Garden Liaison. She is an effervescent resource so be sure to connect with her for any idea you may have.

Tony Root is our Rural Farm Manager for our rented farmland plot at Garden Farme (owned by Bruce Bacon). He loves food and farming as an art and is working hard to produce lots of vegetables for all 8 Bartmann restaurants, including the Tiny Diner.

Cody Mastel, once a Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate Apprentice at the Tiny Diner, is our Garden Lead this season. He is in charge of installing and managing at the Gardens around the restaurant. He has a great passion to share his experience with permaculture design, perennial and edible plants, and their flavors, with you.

Katie Myrhe of RED Food is our Farmers’ Market Manager. She is organizing vendors, creating market themes, and finding ways to ensure all community members can access our market goods.

As for me, I will continue to train staff, teach public classes, provide consultations and design with the Tiny Diner staff as the Farm, Market, and Garden Adviser. I am very excited about this flourishing season. I hope you are too. Come enjoy our mneu, gardens, classes, farmers’ market (beginning June 29th) and other events. It’s the little things – like food, fun, and passion – that keep us going healthy and strong.

More next week! For more info on our staff, check out our short bios on our “Recipe for a Tiny Diner” page.

Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen

Tiny Diner

Farm, Market and Garden Adviser