Tony highlights his thriving pepper crop and purslane understory.

Tony Root is the Tiny Diner’s Rural Farm Manager on the 2-acre rented plot at Garden Farme in the City of Ramsey. Not only does he grow 30+ crops for all of our restaurants (including the Tiny Diner, Barbette, Red Stag, The Bird, etc.), he is also our knowledgeable and caring soil, pollinator and people steward of a very special garden at the Farme. Before he came to be the Farm Manager this season, Tony has a wide range of passions and experiences that he brings to the table including but not limited to: farm management, youth development, arborist adventures, and endurance running. All of these experiences create a very peaceful and present managerial, gardening style within Tony’s intensive production plan.

A snapshot of the diverse interplantings at Garden Farme – chard rows with sunflower herb and marigold borders.












Tony touching the very tall flower stalk of a rare flower gifted to the garden space.

Tony loves to be on the land. Every morning he comes to the Tiny Diner @ Garden Farme plot from his city abode, he cherishes the quiet reminders and earth rhythms that tell him we are part of a larger pattern of life.   He seeds new successions of lettuce, radishes, carrots, and green beans, while keeping a close eye on longer-running crops like winter squash, sweet corn, hot peppers, and potatoes. If he is not creating an Amaranth stalk trellis or adding compost to newly prepped beds, Tony may be found harvesting twice a week for our restaurants, preparing produce for our Tiny Diner Farmer’s Market, or cooking.

One of the many thriving crops on our 2-acre plot: Dino Kale.











Tony showing us a hiding winter squash in the Squash Patch. One of the 10+ varieties of winter squash he is growing for our Squash Party in October.

With butter-like soil and hearty seeds, Tony’s observant eye creates restaurant produce with more delicious layers than a seven-layer bar. He hopes to continue as a farmer and earth steward, as well as open up his own food truck and get back into endurance running. Just as farming and growing beauty has been his calling, he has a very fitting last name: Root. Lets be sure to thank Tony and other farmers every week for the care they produce to the land while providing all of us with one of our most basic and pleasurable needs: REAL FOOD.




Thank you Tony and keep up your great artistry on the land!


Tony Root (TD Rural Farm Manager) with Andrea Eger (TD Permaculture Program Coordinator) buddy-up while preparing for the TD Farmers’ Market.
The very tidy and cozy garden shed kept by our rural farm manager, Tony Root.
A sneak peek into the growing world of Tony Root at Garden Farme.