It is easy to ignore the little things in life that can create more health and happiness. Whether we are talking about daily stretching and breathing deeply, insects that pollinate our flowers, eating a simple home-cooked meal, or knowing how seeds grow and how we can take care of them and their wonderful gifts, the small things add up. And if we ignore them long enough, something will happen in our lives that tells us to wake up.

Luckily at the Tiny Diner, we are always thinking about this. And this is a pre-disaster message, inviting you to come learn about and incorporate seed stewardship into your lives.

When 95% of the food we eat comes directly from seeds and their flowering plants, we need to pay closer attention on how to steward them. Currently, 60% of proprietary seed sales are owned by just four corporations (check out Phil Howard’s research for more information). These corporate conglomerates, like Bayer (recently merged with Monsanto in 2018), do not specialize in agriculture. They specialize in pharmaceutical drugs and food crop manipulations so they can own the foundations of the food and medicine supply.

What happens when a few select corporations own our seed supply? I don’t think we want to find out.  

You do not have to be a gardener or plant lover to gain insights and actions from our seed workshops. Coming up we have a class series that will show you how we can retain our rights to our food through seed care. This March we partnered with Seeds Sages to offer two workshops  “The Wonderful World of Seeds” on March 10th and “Seed Saving 101” on March 24th at the Red Stag Supperclub. Plus we will be having more series about food diversity with tastings, seed swaps, and more! Our seeds, like other small yet vital elements in a healthy community, not only deserve our attention: we need them to exist. It is fortuitous that we learn about and enjoy seeds together. See you soon!