Two fronts collide to form a necessary stewardship storm in this workshop at Lily Springs Farm: bees and seeds. With a lot of attention on our pollinators in the last couple of years, we decided to sponsor a unique and essential topic to continue life as we know it. Bees, among many other pollinators, co-evolved with flowering plants over thousands of years. Us humans came later to steward and harvest the abundance. While some plants can pollinate themselves without the help of any living being, many of the crops we rely on need bees to do the hard work. Most fruit and nut tress in the midwest, vegetables crops like tomatoes and squash, and our precious alliums like onions, require bees of all kinds to pollinate and produce. This workshop explores the depths of our relationship to bees, flowers and seeds with the aim to enhance our ability as a species to care for them through hard times.

With over 2 decades of collective experience, Erin Rupp of Pollinate MN and Koby Hagen of Seed Sages will include the following activities in this workshop:

  • Hive exploration with BEE SUITS
  • Detailed views of bee and flower ANATOMY
  • Flower scavenger hunts with BOTANY LOOPS
  • Seed collecting and sharing with GREAT PARTNERS
  • Resources and actions steps for the WHOLE FAMILY
  • TOUR of Lily Springs Farm
  • Light refreshments from TINY DINER

It is in our hands, literally and figuratively, to take care of bees and seeds we are blessed by. There are so many fun and easy things we can do to protect them and encourage vitality for seven generations. We hope that you will join us at Lily Springs Farm on Saturday September 16th from 10am to 1pm. Check out the event here and sign up today! Space is limited!