It is cold outside. I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. I had all the good, organic, whole ingredients except for chocolate chips. How could I forget those delicious nibs? I was too lazy to go out into the tundra and risk driving on ice to pick some up at the store 10 miles away. So I decided to substitute the only chocolate sweetness I had in in the cupboard. I put in a cup of Nutella, the “more than chocolate and hazelnut” spread. And boy was it a mistake.

Nutella keeps so long because it is full of palm oil and other bad ingredients. After I added Nutella to the recipe, my cookies turned into dry rocks, barely edible. When the family decided to call them biscuits to help our minds palletize them to eat, it did not help edibility. And when I tried to imbibe some moisture in a biscuit by placing it in a glass of whole milk for 10 minutes, it did nothing but stay dry – bone dry.

Learning lesson #2,345: Never substitute Nutella for anything when making dessert. In fact, don’t even buy it. While some French people are still crazy about it despite having a rich heritage of investing in pleasurable AND healthy foods, we should take a close look. It has been linked to high rates of cancer. Next time, I will not be so lazy. I will use high-quality ingredients and stop gambling with taste and health. Especially when it comes to dessert.


Photo from Reddit.