What early spring plants have emerged in your yard and garden? What fellow neighbors and other animal friends have returned after the long winter? Can you describe what you see even if you cannot name it?

We would like to share a few of the wild and wonderful life forms that we see at our Tiny Diner rural farm plot and restaurant gardens. Our Rural Farm Manager Tony Root has reported tons of life. We have volunteer spinach and hundreds of Johnny Jump-ups (pansies) emerging across most of the garden beds. Alongside of these are seeded peas on trellised beds and spicy greens mixes that are loving the cool soil. Frog and toads have emerged from their hibernation mode. Their mating calls add new rhythms to the farm day (did you know that frogs and toads call together to avoid being singled out by predators?!).

In the Tiny Diner gardens, Lead Gardener Cody Mastel is jumping for joy as he cleans up leaves and litter and uncovers hidden gems. Dashes of bright spring bulbs of tulips, crocuses, and hyacinths dot our perennial perimeters. Rhubarb and chives are leafing out early as well and are easy to identify. A front patio planter is full of volunteer orach from the orach plants last season that we let go to seed. They offer tasty tender purple greens for patio diner sampling. Early flowering fruit trees like service berries and cherries are magical with their lightly-scented, dainty, white blossoms. And our rooftop bees are alive and buzzing again – scouring the neighborhood for early flower food.

Take a few minutes to walk and relax in your neighborhood. Observe and greet the plants, animals and people that have emerged. You never know what treasures and connections you may find.

Written by Tiny Diner Farm, Garden and Market Advisor Koby Hagen: koby@tinydiner.com.

Pea trellised beds at Garden Farme.
Aerial view of prepped beds at Garden Farm
Edible Johnny Jump-ups and spicy greens at Garden Farme.



Baby Rhubard at TD.
Flowering early honeyberries at TD.
Orach microgreens.
Tiny Diner Tulips – early bee food!
Serviceberry tree and cherry tree blooms.
Spring bulb blooms.
Fall-planted Tiny Diner Garlic emerges.