Despite a very hot and humid day for our 5th Annual Tomato Tasting & Spice Challenge, we had a
great turnout of spice lovers and tomato coneissuers. To get the day started, local neighborhood volunteers Mary Stade and Cindy Hagen helped Seed Sages set-up the event. And a wonderful volunteer, Christine Harkess Shortridge , of Open Arms helped guide people through the various tasting steps. 5 different farms entered their tomato contenders including Hexagon Farm & Projects, Open Arms Farm, Heirloomista, Seed Sages, and our Tiny Diner @ Garden Farme. Tomato varieties included Pink Ponderosa, Honeydrop, Early Girl, White Cherry, Yellow Pear, Mountain Gold, White Cherry, Black Cherry, Estrina, Principe Borghese, Nepal and Rose de Berne.

In addition to 11 tomato varieties for tasting, we also had a “Spice Challenge” table to assist everyone in opening up their senses to healthy and exciting flavors. The spices included shiso, raw garlic, raw ginger, a spicy serrano pepper, and nasturtium leaves, fresh tulsi basil and sweet banana peppers from our gardens at the Tiny Diner.

After everyone finished sampling all the tomatoes and voting, clear first, second and third place winners surfaced. Each grower received a prize from the Tiny Diner. Here are the results:

First place: White Cherry from Hexagon Projects and Farm
Second place: Black Cherry from Heirloomista
Third place: A tie between Rose de Berne from Hexagon Farm and Estrina from Open Arms.

Thank you to our volunteers Christine, Cindy and Mary as well as our partner Seed Sages for making this event possible. Thank you to all of the growers who entered tomatoes too. Be sure to come to our 6th Annual Spice Challenge and Tomato Tasting next August 2019!