You may have seen posters and online banners about our event, “Biodiversity in Your Backyard,” and wondered what is this all about? The Tiny Diner has partnered up with Land By Hand, Seed Sages, Urban Forage, and Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association for this spring kick-off event to connect people with more ways to increase biodiversity at home, at school, at work – everywhere!

We asked partnering organizations to come and/or send information to this event for Twin Cities residents to increase awareness of plant, bird, and insect biodiversity. Not only will we have a seed share, organized by Seed Sages, where you can pick up seeds for this season but we will also scion wood and demonstrations from Land By Hand. Scion wood from fruit and nut trees of various types will help you start perennial edibles in your yard at an affordable price. We will have a seed bomb kids’ activity too. There will be other community organizations there like Urban Forage and Community Solar to discuss ways we can foster more fruit growth and habitat conservation through small-scale production practices and wise energy use.

Adaptive Seeds is one of several seed companies that donated seed and resources to this event. To find what kind of seeds were donated, come to the event!


The format for the event is drop-in/open house style. If you come promptly at 11am, you can hear Seed Sages owner and Tiny Diner’s Farm, Market and Garden Advisor Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen give a welcome greeting and walk through the steps to have a meaningful seed share with each other. This is a free event. Any donations will go to cover costs of renting the space and towards future free events like this one. Note that the location of the event has changed to Sibley Park building at 1900 East 40th Street, Minneapolis.* We hope that everyone can join us despite the snowy forecast. It will be a warm, exciting space to gather materials and generate ideas together.


Date: Sunday April 15th, 2018

Time: 11am-2pm


11:00 am Welcome Biodiversity!

11:15-2pm Seed and Scion Share, Seed Bomb Activity and Resource Tables

Cost: Free

Location: Sibley Recreation Center



*We have to give a shout-out to Jotika Weitz-Handy, Recreation Director at the Sibley Recreation Center in Minneapolis, and Allyssa at Sibley Rec. They have been great to work with for space rental. We offer many thanks to her and the Sibley Rec staff for their help!