Butterfly weed (Ascelpias tuberosa), also known as orange milkweed, pleurisy root, silky swallow-wort, and butterfly love, is a perennial native plant with clusters of orange or yellow flowers from early summer to early fall. Unlike other milkweeds, this plant does not have milky sap in its tissue. It is easy to grow from seed yet does not like transplanting due to its sturdy taproot. It can handle dry and wet soils. Not only is it a very pretty/showy plant, it is a good source of nectar for Monarchs. Plus its pods can be used in flower arrangements and other art projects and they are easy seeds to save and share.

If you would like to see one in action, we have a very lush butterfly weed plant in our rain garden on the east side of the tiny Diner, right near the Pollinator Condo.

Butterfly weed in the Tiny Diner rain garden. July 2018