One of the specialties in the North Country are fresh berries all season long – if we know where to look and what to plant. Right now, alpine strawberries, blackcaps (or black raspberries) and white pine berries are ripe and ready for harvesting. Alpine and white pine berries (strawberries) are small yet well-rounded in flavor and produce a lot during the hot summer months. Berries are full of antioxidants and have great flavor, providing our bodies with a flush of cancer-fighting resources during the time of the year that the sun is at is most harshest levels.

At the Tiny Diner, we grow some berry plants to showcase what we can plant to provide berries for ourselves and our bird friends. Here is a month-matching berry plant list that you can follow to wild harvest or plant if you have space. Be sure to come check out our gardens at the Tiny Diner to see what is ready and taste test a few!

May: Serviceberry, Honeyberry

June: Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Blackcaps, Golden Raspberry, Honeyberry

July: Blackberry, Currant, Gooseberry, White Strawberry, Blueberry

August: Blueberry, Elderberry, Grapes (not a berry but still same effects), Sandcherry, Chokecherry, Pincherry

September: Late-season Raspberries and Grapes