Check out all of our great classes and events this June including our special summer solstice event with GOAT YOGA: Midsommer’s Night Party on June 21st!


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Cherries on a cherry tree. Courtesy of


*Learn Your Weeds!*

Thursday June 7th


Ever heard the phrase “know your enemy”? In this class, that is exactly
what we aim to do! You will learn to identify common weeds and discover
their purpose in your garden. We’ll talk about how some weeds might not be
your enemy after all by discussing which weeds are beneficial,
edible/medicinal, or help improve soil health. We’ll also talk about how
looking at what’s growing in your yard can teach you a lot about what’s
happening under the soil. This class will meet at Tiny Diner and then
travel one block to Bancroft-Meridian Garden. This class is also offered on
Monday August 13th. This is a free class!

This class is taught by Neal Baxter, the coordinator of Bancroft-Meridian
Garden, and Andrea Eger, Tiny Diner’s Permaculture Education and Market


*Bees and Buddies Class*

Saturday June 9th


Curious to learn more about the insects in your backyard? Join us for an
educational hour at Tiny Diner as we learn about different insect groups
with a special focus on bees. After we learn about the main insects group,
we’ll take a walk around the Tiny Diner gardens and see what we can find!
We’ll also take a look at what’s buzzing around at the Pollinator Hotel.
This is a perfect class for families. Join us for class and then stay
awhile for some grub (excuse the pun). This class is $5.

This class is taught by Jessica Miller, the owner of Dragons Wynd, an
entomologist outreach organization. Check out more of her work on her


*Mulching 101*

Thursday June 14th


Learn how to use water efficiently and protect your plants and soil with
mulch! What is mulch and why is it important for our gardens, farms and
potted plants? Come learn how to source, apply and work with mulch in your
space. It will save you money and labor power as well as make your plants
healthier. This class is a $5-10 sliding scale fee.

This class is taught by Koby Jeschkeit-Hagen, TD Garden and Market Adviser,
who designed and installed the TD Gardens and has years of experience in
rural and urban permaculture design.


Midsommer’s Nigh Party With Goat Yoga!

Thursday June 21st


Remember a couple months ago when it was dark at 4:00?? Put those terrible dark days behind you and join us on Thursday June 21st to celebrate the sunniest day of the year! We’ll celebrate the Summer Solstice and all the beautiful things that the increased sunlight brings: energy, growth, and light. We’ll fill the parking lot with fun activities so you can go “around the sun” with crafts, demonstrations, and live music. Ever heard of goat yoga? Yeah, we’ll have that! Goat Shine is bringing a van full of baby goats and will be hosting 4 beginner yoga sessions where you can play with the goats as you stretch and rejuvenate.

Note: All pre-sale tickets are sold out but we have reserved some for first-come-first-serve the day of the event! Stop by to check it out!


*How to Grow/Pick/Preserve Your Own Cherries*

Friday June 22nd


Come and join us for an informal lunch hour class with Tiny Diner’s
Education Coordinator Andrea Eger and the Bancroft-Meridian Garden
Coordinator Neal Baxter to learn all about how to grow your own cherries!
We’ll meet at Tiny Diner and then walk a block and a half to
Bancroft-Meridian Garden where we’ll pick ripe cherries, talk about best
varieties to grow in Minnesota, how/when to pick them, and our favorite
recipes to preserve and enjoy them. This is a free and kid-friendly event.


*Organic Pest Management for the Home Gardener*

Sunday June 24th


Struggling to control pests in your gardens? Join us for a conversation
with Professor Vera Krischik as she discusses tips to control insects in a
sustainable, chemical-free way. Learn how to determine when to treat and
about alternatives to spraying. She will also compare organic methods and
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for garden pests and bees. Vera has been
studying pesticides impact on bees for many years and so will also discuss
best practices for home gardeners to minimize negative effects on bees and
local pollinators while controlling unwanted pests. Come with your
questions! This is a free class but space is limited! RSVP to This is a free class!

Vera Krischik has been a professor at the University of Minnesota in the
Department of Entomology for the past twenty years and has served as the
Integrated Pest Management Coordinator for the USDA.


*Kids Camp with Herban Adventures Series! *

Herban Adventures are back at Tiny Diner with more amazing classes to
engage your children in healthy eating and gardening! Classes can be taken
individually or as a series. Classes are ideal from children 3-9 but all
ages are welcome. Preregister and save! Tickets for single classes: $20 in
advance/$25 at the door, series tickets: $45 in advance/$55 at the door.
Find links to pre-pay at Tiny Diner Facebook page. Email Andrea for
pay-what-you-can option or to RSVP.


*Class 1: What’s Growing in the Tiny Garden*

Wednesday June 13th


Join us for a class exploring the magic of common herbs and plants you’ll
find growing in the Tiny Diner garden. Everyone will have the opportunity
to engage with the various plants through a sensory experience of taste,
touch and smell and learn about herbs through interactive games and songs.
At the end of our time together, we’ll share a garden sun tea & snack.


*Class 2:* *Wilderness First Aid: An Herban Adventurer’s Guide to Cuts,
Bruises and Other Mishaps*

Wednesday June 20th


The outdoors is a place of wild exploration, amazing treasures and
potential pitfalls. In the second class of the series, we’ll learn how to
plan ahead and take care of ourselves when disaster strikes. You’ll be able
to laugh at a mosquito bite, take care of a pesky splinter, and stop a cut
from bleeding. Be prepared with knowledge of herbal first aid and you’ll be
able to walk the woods with confidence!


*Class 3: Create Your Own Tiny Garden: Love, Care and Feeding of Your
Herbal Friends*

Wednesday June 27th


Now that we have gotten to know the plants, we’ll get the chance to grow
them! In the third class of the series, we will learn how plants can be
grown and cared for in our own spaces. We will plant herbs together & learn
how they are helpful for pollinators and other animals. Each group will
leave home with a planted herb of their choice!

These classes are taught by Megan Mastel, owner and founder of Natura North
Holistic Health:, and Clare Gardner Nieto, a herbalist and
flower essence therapist who can be found on the web at